• Alkalinity Increaser 2lbs

Spa Alkalinity Increaser boosts your spa or hot tubs alkalinity level into the optimal range, which is an important factor for keeping your spa balanced. A balanced alkalinity level also prevents corrosion damage to plumbing, equipment, and spa surfaces as well as bather irritation. Its all-natural formula stabilizes your pH to make your sanitizer much more effective and simplify maintenance by eliminating "pH bounce." Spa Alkalinity Increaser will make chemically balancing your spa or hot tub much easier and headache-free.

This product is intended for use in spas and hot tubs with low alkalinity, which can destabilize pH and cause corrosion damage to plumbing, surfaces and equipment.

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 100%

Keeping your pool balanced is an important step in getting the most out of and preserving the life of pool and spa equipment.

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Alkalinity Increaser 2lbs

  • $9.99

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